Key Docs

Key Information

This document lists all the key dates and deadlines for the semester. This includes a schedule of lectures, assessment due dates, assessment release dates and feedback dates.  If the module is disrupted for any reason, a new Key Information sheet will be posted here.

Key Information 2019

Assessment Handbook

The handbook provides guidance on the assessment for this module. Here you will find useful information about how to complete the assessment and the criteria by which it will be judged. These criteria are specifically developed for this module and provide good insight into what I want from your submissions.

Assessment Handbook

Essay Writing Handbook

This is a handbook I have developed to assist students I have developed to help students understand the ‘nuts and bolts’ of writing university calibre essays. While other resources are good for helping students understand the content of an argument based essay (e.g., Alastair Bonnett’s ‘How to argue: a student’s guide’), this handbook covers not simply the content of your essay but issues of style, clarity and precision.

Essay Writing Handbook

Reading Lists

Below are two reading lists. While the ‘Reading schedule’ links readings to lectures on a week-by-week basis, the ‘Full reading list’ is much broader and is divided by topic. While the former represents the minimal reading for each week, the latter should be used to explore topics in greater depth, particularly when preparing for the assessment.

Reading Schedule

Full Reading List

Module Feedback

Below I list the assessment statistics and student feedback for this module according to year. The assessment statistics provides a breakdown analysis of the marks (e.g., the percentage of marks in each class) which gives potential incoming students a sense of how previous students did in the module. The second document is the official university feedback report generated from the DGES Module Evaluation Questionnaire (MEQ). I will also post TUN reports (and my response) below for current and future students.


Assessment statistics

No module evaluation for 2014


Assessment Statistics

DGES Module Evaluation