Assessment Format

The assessment for this module is divided into two parts.  Assessment 1 is a mid-term in-class seen exam that focuses on the first part of the module. It’s primary aim is to test your understanding of Islamic civilisation, history and culture.

Assessment 2 is a critical essay which encourages students to explore a topic in greater depth. Here I am interested in having students engage with the material in a critical and thoughtful manner and there is little emphasis on information. Rather the emphasis will be on the student’s capacity to develop an independent argument.

Detailed guidance and instructions for both assessments can be found in the Assessment Handbook. I also provide my Essay Writing Handbook which provides general guidance for written essay-format assignments. All information on due dates, feedback dates and question release dates can be found on the Key Information sheet. These documents are posted in the Key Docs section of this website.

Assessment training

Assessment training for this module is comprised of two components: the preparation sessions, which explain what I am looking for in an exam answer and/or a critical essay, and the clinics, which provide time for students to talk to me about the projects and the arguments they are preparing to make. I discuss each of these components below:

Preparation Sessions

The assessment preparation sessions are in-class sessions dedicated to providing students with instructions, guidance and feedback for each assessment. The pre-assessment sessions will review and expand upon the information provided in the Assessment Handbook. The exam feedback session will provide general feedback on the exam and will present anonymised student answers in order to give more detailed information about how to improve marks.


Clinics are special appointment hours I set aside during the normal lecture slot so students have a guaranteed window to meet with me before each assessment. Students can sign-up for appointments via the usual way using my appointment calendar, but they will see a specific World Regional Islam Clinic calendar that is separate from my open appointment hours. There are 4 clinics in total, 2 before each assessment and meetings are in my office.